About training and development

The academy is rapidly expanding in the world of business and continues to provide verbal communication, confidence, and self-development training to adults in the workplace in a fun, fresh and unique way. Our objective is to develop people for the future by helping companies build enthusiastic, efficient, and effective workforces through a variety of drama techniques.


“At South City Hospital, we have been working closely with the Drama Academy on the corporate programme which is a benefit to both professional and personal lives. The CEO is thrilled with the results and is keen to continue the programme until all her 500 members of staff have had a chance to work with the Helen O’Grady team.”

Client / South City Hospital

“I’m so glad I approached the Drama Kids team for help with developing my vocal projection and public speaking. The team made me feel so at ease in my first consultation and were really keen to make sure they fully understood what I needed and why.”

Private Client

“The sessions were really fun and so enlightening. I left the sessions feeling I had learnt so much about how to deliver a more polished performance in my role.”

Private Client

Course information

Work with passion

Our programme is an exciting, stimulating way to develop long lasting communication and team-work skills, helping to develop an ambitious, creativeworkforce.

Personal development and teamwork

We offer a range of interactive and reflective programmes, written and developed by experts in personal development, which transfer to common situations encountered in the workplace.

Our one-to-one and group training sessions are designed to empower delegates, ensuring they leave feeling confident.

One-to-one coaching and training courses for individuals

We offer a bespoke tailor-made plan to help with your individual needs.

Bespoke training for teams

At our academy we have over 44 years experience of knowing that no two situations are the same; therefore we provide tailor-made training for individual workforce needs.

With a wide range of modules to choose from, whether the required training is for a small group, entire department or for a one-to-one basis, our experienced Practitioners are able to bring the modules together into an exciting and relevant programme to meet your training needs.

Drama in the workplace

Our approach

  • We help forward-thinking businesses assist with the personal development of their workforce.
  • We help with the motivation of people at work, so they are inclined to perform to their highest standards.
  • We use tried and tested interactive activities in an innovative way, creating a practical, engaging, and inspiring approach to motivate and develop the team.
  • Through fun and creative methods, we boost team morale and inspire positivity in the workplace.

Our aspirations

  • To develop imagination and creativity to enable open-mindedness, enthusiasm, and critical and creative thinking.
  • To improve verbal communication skills, to encourage positive dialogue amongst colleagues and collaboration with others in times of conflict.
  • To facilitate the improvement of effective public speaking and presentation skills, as well as increasing general communication within the workforce.
  • To build self-confidence by encouraging the understanding of body language and non-verbal communication.
  • To expand emotional intelligence, which can help with self-awareness and empathy skills.

Training Modules

  • Confidence and Communication Skills
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Leadership and Team Building

How can we help you?

We provide a creative and bespoke programme to develop enthusiastic workforces with excellent public speaking and interpersonal skills.

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