Child Safeguarding Policy

The purpose of this safeguarding policy is to ensure procedures are in place and people are clear about roles and responsibilities for children and adults at risk in our care.

Drama Kids believes each person has value and dignity.

Drama Kids is committed to the safeguarding and protection of all children, young people and adults at risk. It affirms that the needs of children or of people when they are at risk is paramount.

Drama Kids recognises that no one is invulnerable but that there is a particular care for those whose vulnerability is increased by situations, by disabilities or by reduction in capacities. It is recognised that this increased vulnerability may be temporary or permanent and may be visible or invisible.


This policy addresses the safeguarding of children, young people and adults at risk. It is intended to support the Academy in being a safe supportive environment for its students, in particular children, young people and adults at risk.

The Academy seeks to safeguard all of its students, of all ages.

The Academy recognises the serious issue of the abuse of children and adults at risk and recognises that this may take the form of physical, emotional, sexual, financial or institutional abuse, human trafficking or neglect. It acknowledges the effects these may have on people and their development. It accepts its responsibility for ensuring that all people are safe in its care and that their dignity and right to be heard is maintained.

Drama Kids commits itself to respond without delay to any allegation or cause for concern that a child or adult at risk may have been harmed, whilst in its care or in another context.  Principals and Teachers will be appointed after a satisfactory DBS disclosure.

It is the responsibility of the Principal to provide comprehensive Safeguarding training for all teachers and members of staff working with students at the Academy. Should an incident or complaint be made, the teacher should report the matter to the Principal of the local Academy. The Principal should then refer this on to the Head Office Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Safeguarding Practice at Drama Kids

Drama Kids aims to create an enjoyable environment for all people who wish to take part in classes and other social activities.

The Academy emphasises that young people and adults at risk have the right to be safe, secure and free from threat.

The Academy acknowledges that young people and adults at risk have the right to be treated with respect and for their concerns to be listened to and acted upon.

The Academy has procedures in place to help any young person or adult at risk who requests help and support on a confidential basis, in issues relating to Safeguarding.

The Academy will ensure that the Principal and other staff have signed the Academy self-declaration form in relation to Safeguarding.

The Academy will ensure that any teachers and volunteers working with young people are aware of and apply the Code of Conduct for Those Working with Children and Adults At Risk.