Schools Programme

  • Drama Kids provides a bespoke educational programme using drama as a tool for delivery, in line with the Helen O’Grady ethos, values and structure.
  • The Schools Programme is intended to work within an education setting focusing on literacy and communication projects and is designed to use drama and the arts as a tool to empower children and adults verbally.
  • The aim is to tap into all areas of education from early year to university level, to engage, encourage and develop literacy skills, improve focus and participation.
  • The lessons are similar to Drama Kids lessons but have been adapted to fit the needs of a school or education setting with strong links with the National Curriculum & OFSTED requirements.
  • Anti-Bullying Drama Workshops – with the Schools Programme
  • Statistically, 1 in 4 children are bullied at school. At Drama Kids we aim to reduce bullying by providing students with the tools to understand the effect bullying can have on a person, and provide opportunities for students to gain greater emotional awareness, explore positive and negative feelings, and touch on respect and boundaries.

    It is important that students are aware of what they have learnt in the lesson so they can reflect and communicate their knowledge with others.

    Our anti-bullying workshops are taught through role-play and fun drama activities. Our workshops are a positive way to develop:

    • Empathy and compassion
    • Social interaction and communication skills
    • Self-esteem and self-awareness
  • World Book Day –with the Schools Programme

    Bring your favourite storybook characters to life through fun, interactive drama workshops, for all ages! We show the students why reading is so important, and how it can expand our vocabulary and our imaginations.

    This is achieved through speech, oracy, drama activities, mini scripts and character exploration.

  • Year 6/Primary 7 Transition Workshops – with the Schools Programme

    A bespoke programme to support students as they transition from primary to secondary school, in a fun and positive way.

    Through role play and engaging drama activities, we explore the changes and challenges ahead for your students.

    Our main focuses are;

    • Exploring & understanding emotions
    • Strengthening & developing social skills
    • Building confidence & self-esteem

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    “I would highly recommend this class”

    My daughter attends Drama Kids in St. Helens. Since joining, her confidence has grown and she looks forward to her lesson each week. Her lovely teacher, Andrea, has nothing but praise for her and is leading her into becoming a talented drama student. I would highly recommend this class.


    Luca had a wonderful time! He has always had an amazing imagination and it has always amazed me the lengths he goes to. I am so glad he enjoyed yesterday, he really cannot wait to return next week. He is already thinking about costumes he has that he can wear! Thank you.


    Thank you for being instrumental in improving Tamsyn's confidence and for the great opportunities she has had in the shows. She has REALLY enjoyed herself. She is looking forward to the opportunities Redland High will give her for drama and I know she will enjoy herself all the more because of the grounding you have given her.


    My children attend Drama Kids Derbyshire and I am overwhelmed by everything the academy has given my children; confidence, fun, memories, excitement and belief in themselves. Thank you so much!


    Thank you Drama Kids: Our son has been going to the academy for a number of years and what a difference it has made to his speech and confidence. Our boy is 11 and has oral dyspraxia, which affects his ability to speak clearly and his short term memory. He loves his drama and is very outgoing. He wants to get involved in the drama lessons and annual plays that his primary school put on, but has been held back because of his dyspraxia and has never had a speaking part. Drama Kids has been awesome, the staff are so helpful and understanding of our son's difficulty and he has always had a proper speaking part, even during the early years. Thank you Drama Kids for helping our son thrive and grow into a confident young man.


    In school assemblies and plays, my son, Stefan was usually relegated to the background. He was bright but lacked the confidence to speak up and be heard. Since being at the academy, Stefan has bloomed and consequently had major parts in each successive school assembly. Thank you so much for instilling in my son the confidence to let his voice be heard and his presence be felt. Such confidence will be invaluable as he grows up and will help to prepare him for every aspect of life.


    I am very grateful to be working with such positive people. The family of Drama Kids is spread so far and wide. How wonderful knowing we are all linked together by our passion to help children develop and believe in themselves through are stunning curriculum.

    Alison Mazanec

    Thank you for everything. In 10 years you have changed me from a shy young boy to a confident young man.


    Through the programme thousands and thousands of young people find their voice, generate self-belief, become generous participants in life and experience much fun and fulfilment along the way!

    Helen O' Grady - Founder

    Your Title Goes Here

    She absolutely lives for drama. She is having a tough time at school and not attending much at the moment due to severe anxiety, but your sessions bring out the happiest version of her.

    Youth Theatre Parent

    Your Title Goes Here

    Thank you for creating such a positive experience for my daughter, she has struggled a lot with confidence in the past 12 months.

    - Youth Theatre parent